With ride-sharing services like Uber, Lyft and Sidecar making headlines every day, New York City residents and business travelers have more options than ever before for on-demand travel. These startup companies have changed the transportation business, leading car and limo services and taxi companies to update their services to better serve the needs of today’s constantly connected traveler.

Why should you choose a fully licensed and professional car service such as [Company Name] to book your next trip? If you want a highly trained and professional driver, a comfortable and luxurious vehicle, and a company that truly cares about its employees and customers, we invite you to plan your next ride with us to see the difference for yourself.

Professional Drivers, Not Part-Time Average Joes

When choosing a licensed car and limo service, you are paying for much more than just a nice vehicle to ride in. Our drivers are licensed and professional full-time employees who are paid a fair living wage, not part-timers who drive their own vehicles to earn some spare cash while begging you for tips.

Recent reports in the media have shed some light on unprofessional and even dangerous behavior by Uber and Lyft ride-sharing service contractors. We vet all our drivers carefully to make sure they maintain a clean driving record and treat each and every one our customers like royalty. Our friendly chauffeurs have been driving the streets of New York City from the Bronx to Long Island for years, or even decades.

A Clean, Comfortable and Luxurious Vehicle Every Time

Any car and limo service company worth its salt doing business in New York City must maintain a fleet of modern, clean and comfortable vehicles. The classic Town Car black car offers an expansive rear seating area with plenty of legroom, as well as a real trunk with room for multiple suitcases. For larger parties, we maintain late-model luxury SUVs and high-class limousines that are sure to measure up to even your discerning expectations.

What would it look like when it is time to meet an important out-of-town client at the airport, only to have your ride-sharing app send you a beat-up old Toyota Corolla you can scarcely fit into? By choosing a professional car service, you can always be sure you will get what you pay for.

Affordable Rates, No “Surge Pricing”

We are confident that you will find we maintain one of the most competitively priced and affordable car services in New York. Our trip and day rates are comparable to what you would be paying with a ride-sharing service, and sometimes even much, much cheaper.

Why? These new Silicon Valley ride-sharing startups use a business model called “surge pricing,” where rates are jacked up by as much as 10 times what had been expected during times of heavy demand. This can mean paying hundreds of dollars for a 30-minute ride across Manhattan. With [Company Name], our commitment to our customers means our pricing will always be fair and easy to understand with no nasty surprises.

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