Cancellation Policy

If Cancelled After Pickup Time

Full fare, waiting time (if applicable), tolls (if applicable), Meet & Greet (if applicable), Parking Fees (if applicable) and Car Seat (if applicable) will be charged.


Waiting Time$1/minute after grace period.
TollsIf the route contains any toll road.
Meet & Greet$20 plus any parking fee.
Child Seat$30 for each seat.


(888) 688-2526

NO FEE Cancellation

Manhattan 1 Hours Before The Pickup Time
NYC Boroughs1.5 Hours Before The Pickup Time
Airports1 Hours Before The Pickup Time
Everywhere Else3 Hours Before The Pickup Time

Short Notice Cancellation

Manhattan $35 For Sedans / Full Fare For All Other Vehicles
NYC BoroughsFull Fare Plus Tolls (if applicable)
AirportsFull Fare Plus Tolls (if applicable)
Everywhere ElseFull Fare Plus Tolls (if applicable)